“France Savant has been an excellent experience for me. I personally have had many opportunities to travel to Europe (mostly France), and although I spoke no foreign language previously, I fell in love with the French culture and language. I came to France Savant to expand my knowledge of the language, and Stephanie has been a tremendous help in guiding me to accomplish my goals. Stephanie is patient, caring and VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE. This has been a wonderful experience, and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more about the French culture and language.” —Suzanne Schilawski – De Pere, WI 

“Stephanie has taken my previously limited knowledge of French and quickly expanded my vocabulary and understanding of the language. Her easy approach has made learning both fun and enjoyable. The cultural stories she brings to my lessons enhances the experience taking it beyond the language.” — Cheryl Reed, WI

“I had not taken French since college. Stéphanie made me feel comfortable to take a chance on starting over to learn French again. Taking French with someone who is truly French can only be appreciated by experiencing it yourself. The attention given to the correct way of pronouncing each word was truly unique. I just got back from a trip to Belgium and France, and I felt I had learned many words with just the two classes I had taken. I would recommend working with Stephanie no matter what level you are at. She is a great teacher.” — Jonie Paye, Oneida, WI

“I decided to take a French class as my family is traveling to France this fall.  Ms. Lemerond is always well prepared for class so all class time is utilized on learning French.  Her classes are a mix of vocabulary, sentence structure, group exercises, and conversation.  Although there may be a mix of levels in the class she encourages participation from all students and makes no one feel uncomfortable.  She makes use of homework to re-enforce the subject matter taught in class.  I find the homework very helpful.  She is very patient with all students and makes the class a joy to take.   I recommend Ms. Lemerond if you are looking to sharpen or learn French language skills.” — Steve Zimmerman, Green Bay, WI

“Stephanie’s classes are upbeat and challenging. She is an excellent teacher who knows her subject, yet is patiently helpful to those of us who stumble occasionally on the road to becoming our own “France Savants”. I enjoy her classes so much, I wish they were an hour long instead of just 45 minutes.” — Barbara K. Korotev, Green Bay, WI

“My Thursday evening French class with Stephanie is the highlight of my week. It is obvious she obvious she loves teaching and makes students of all skill levels feel welcome. Class sessions are a great mix of formal grammar and pronunciation, French culture lessons and practical, everyday phrases for travelers. Stephanie is very encouraging and has a great sense of humor. She is also very professional. Classes are time and money well spent. I have recommended her to many friends.” — Mary Meyer, Green Bay, WI

“As a parent, I was very impressed how the lesson plans were developmentally appropriate and unique to my child. It was evident that a variety of learning theory was being applied as well as tailoring the lessons to engage various learning styles.” — Karissa, S., Green Bay

“I have enjoyed being reacquainted with the French I learned long ago in college. It’s a beautiful language and a joy to speak it again with the other students and our teacher, native French speaker Stephanie Lemerond.” — Rachel, Greenleaf

“I contacted Stephanie Lemerond a few months before our dream vacation to France to help me learn the French language. I wanted to be able to read directions, order from menus and just be able to ask basic questions when in France. What I gained was all of the above plus a continued love of the language & culture. I continue to explore my interest in French through reading and cooking.” — Pat McGinn, Green Bay, WI

“I love our class! Unlike our long-ago high school classes, we emphasize conversation… Very relaxing and very accepting of our different levels of proficiency”. — De Pere, WI

“I attend French class once a week. It is always interesting, informative and fun. Class members interact throughout the hour, and we are encouraged to try new French words and phrases. We always have a bit of homework, and start the class with each of us sharing a short phrase in French about something that happened during the week, or something of interest that happened in the news. I enjoy the class immensely and look forward to it each week. I love the challenge”. — Tori, De Pere, WI

“I have been taking French lessons with Mrs. Lemerond for several years and I highly recommend her instruction. She provides a variety of Learning experiences to suit the individual needs of the French student. Children and adults benefits. There is basic French for those who want a crash course before traveling overseas. Mrs. Lemerond offers more in depth studies for those student who wish Advanced practice in speaking, writing and reading. Discussions on French culture and history are informative and always part of the class. I take a combination of private lessons and group sessions. I find prices are competitive and well worth the experience of Learning a second language. Mrs. Lemerond, a native Parisian, will make you a lover of the French world”. — Mary W., Green Bay, WI

“Often when one is Learning a new language, one is afraid of making mistakes. Stéphanie, however, takes away that fear and provides a relaxing, non-threatening atmosphere. Students thrive Under her tutelage”. — Carol D., Green Bay, WI

“I only recently became aware of “France Savant” and I quickly recognized the importance it has on someone who wants to refresh their interest in the language. In a few short weeks I have improved my vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation, though I have a long way to go. I certainly would recommend “France Savant” to anyone who, like me, is interested in Learning more about the language and culture of France. Or, for that matter, anyone who needs interpretation, translation or further understanding”. — Bob, Green Bay, WI

“For a solid hour we speak French and struggle to understand one another. Our cheeks get sore from smiling”. — Rosalie, Green Bay, WI

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