France in a Box is your connection to France!

The South, Southwest, East or West of France all convey a different feel when traveling through the villages that populate the countryside.

Aside from Paris, France is rich in history, culinary specialties, local arts, architecture and landscapes.

France in a Box, brought to you by France Savant, will let you discover the uniqueness of each region, like a separate little country within France.

Look for escapes to the Loire, Alsace, Burgundy, the Southwest , Provence, Normandy and more right at your doorstep!

France in a Box brings you a Taste of France as often as you need it!!! Traveling has been a bit complicated lately… but what if you could get a Taste of France right where you live, safely.

Order right here and watch for your French Treats in the mail, right from France!!

Choose from the below selection:

My Monthly France Fix

Every month, you will receive a selection of French made products to satisfy your taste buds, mind and soul!

Our French Regional Selection

France has a lot to offer in each of its unique regions. Each region has a different personality… Dive in the local specialties and cultural identity of each of the following regions:

Loire Valley

All About France

This little box will bring you back to France!!! Do you miss it? Have not been able to travel across the pound for a while and stroll the French streets? No worries! France is coming to you in this special box.

Or maybe you have never been there but it has always been on your mind to hop on a flight and land in Charles de Gaulle. In the meantime, order yourself a taste of France, right from home to your doorstep.

We would love to hear your ideas!!

Are you looking for specific items? Let us know what you would like to see in your box next month! Contact us today! We love challenges!

Contact us for your custom made package!


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