Customized Tours

  • Be like a Parisian in the City of Light 
  • Explore Normandy and Brittany 
  • Sunny French Riviera 
  • The Historical Loire Valley 
  • Discover the Wine Regions 
  • Gastronomic South West 
  • Hike St James Medieval Pilgrimage 
  • Bike and Dine 
  • The French Cathedral Tour 
  • WWI and WWII Historical Tours 

    70th D-Day Anniversary WWII Tour: The 6th of June 1944 saw one of the most audacious and heroic wartime operations in the 20th century. Over 130,000 Allied soldiers landed on the beaches of Normandy in the biggest sea-borne invasion in military history.


    100th WWI Tour: In August 2014 the world will mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War. In France, the government will carry out a policy of national remembrance.An early start was made in 2011 with the opening of Le Musee de la Grande Guerre in Meaux.


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